Why RHR Pets EU uses the Euro (€)?

We use the Euro because we are stated in the Netherlands. As a Netherlands based company, we choose to use only the euro for this website as a main currency.

We do have websites that do offer other European currencies like the Krona (Swedish and Danish) and GBP (£).

You can find them here:
Denmark: www.rhrpets.dk
Sweden: www.rhrpets.se
United Kingdom: www.cattreeking.co.uk

We do recommend ordering from those websites whenever you want to avoid extra charges like a 'Sterling Fee' or currency conversion / creditcard surcharges. These charges or conversions can take up to 3% of the total order value.

We, as RHR Pets / RHR Quality are not responsible for any extra charges that might have been charged. We will also not compensate for those as we do not make any profit from these charges.