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Pussfuratu loves the scratching poles and spends a lot of time sleeping in the top bed from where he can see outside

Best cat tree ever

I have a 16 lb cat who loves his scratching posts. He can't use hammocks and features on other cat tree brands because he's such a big boy. Not to mention he tears them to shreds with his bunny kicks! I was hesitant to buy this cat tree because I wasn't sure it was worth it, but this thing is sturdy and great for big kitties! The posts are so thick, he likes scratching them much more than his previous cheaply made cat tree. We thought we would need to mount this to the wall because we have a toddler, but this thing won't budge. Assembly was fairly easy, but pay attention to the size of the posts. Some of them vary by only an inch or less and ours were not labeled. It would also be helpful to have the different bolts labeled and separately packaged.

Fantastic cat tree!

This is our second cat tree from RHR Pets. This tree is our small bedroom lounge for our cats while we have the Maine Coon Tower located in out living room. Our cats (a maine coon and two norweigan forest cats) ranging from 5.5-8.5kg love their trees. This cat tree has a large bed suitable for large breed cats as Maine Coon and Norweigan Forest Cat. The mattress is washable. The tree is robust but aquires only a small area from the floor and can be fitted in a relativly small corner. The best part with any RHR Pet cat tree is that there are spare parts available for every possible need. Happy cats and owners here ❤️

Groot mooi meubel

Heel mooi! En degelijk, niets wiebelt. Nu 5 dagen in gebruik.
Jammer genoeg zijn de afstanden, van de verschillende plateaus iets te groot voor mijn Faye, ze is een kruising Europese korthaar-Pers, best groot, (niet dik) Faye durft niet meer naar beneden als ze naar boven geklommen is. Ze heeft dat wel 1 keer gedaan De openingen daar snapt ze niets van, ze is ook al wel 13 jaar. Ook onder begeleiding van een snack durft (of kan) ze niet. (Bij de volgende controle binnenkort, bij dierenarts meteen laten nakijken of haar motoriek goed functioneert.)Dus misschien voor een oudere kat niet zo geschikt.
Gelukkig zijn er mogelijkheden om het meubel om te bouwen, zodat ze overal makkelijker bij kan komen. En dat ga ik vandaag doen. De ligplekken zijn juist zo lekker ruim voor een oudere kat!
Al met al zijn Faye en ik er blij mee!

Fabulous quality! Cats love it. It looks sleek and and nice in the lounge too.

Super tevreden

Ik ben echt tevreden heb inmiddels drie grote krabpalen en wat losse onderdelen kwaliteit echt heel goed.

Well built. Keeps them off the breakfast table.

Well built. Perfect to put between our breakfast table and the bay window. It allows our 2 Maine Coons to perch there and look out the window for hours instead of sitting on our table to look out. It's perfect table height so it doesn't block our window view and the cats stay on it while we dine instead of them constantly trying to climb onto the table with us. I'm buying a second one so each cat will have its own!

Zeer tevreden! Mooi en stabiliteit is uitstekend.
Mijn katten zijn er dol op. Ik zal dit product aanbevelen.

Main Coon Sleeper - beige

This cat stool has a great finish, it's sturdy and the 20cm poles look great.
The cat bed is large and despite the off center mounting hole, is also very sturdy and does not unbalance the stool.
The cushion is plush and presents very well with it's cross stitched pattern.
The only comment to the negative that I have is not a major one.
The stool is designed for LARGE cats and for a large cat there is no problem, however, my two cats are on the large side of average and appear a little intimidated by the steep jump from middle tier to top cat bed. This is largely because the bed is completely walled if it had a cut away entrance there would be no problem, but they seem to be getting pretty good at chin-ups.


Very quick delivery, sturdy and top quality cattree. All furry residents agree.


Delivered within 48 hours after ordering. Cats couldn't wait to explore it. Extremely good quality, sturdy but easy to assemble. Allenkey included and all the parts with instruction self explanatory. My heavy weight kittens, Ragamuffin-rag doll, use it as their indoor gym, run up onto the platforms with speed but the tower is very stable and has good balance. I like the height, so good vantage point for them. They still use other shelves and the fridge to jump onto. 100% worth the price!Meow

Very sturdy and well made, no fears of it toppling over. I was worried the cat wouldn’t like it, but she used it on day 2! Would be good to have replacement poles available instead of having to replace the whole thing when it needs new sisal- less waste.

Extremely Sturdy And Fun

My cats are loving this awesome tower - it is extremely well built and sturdy. My only complaint is that it’s not made to fit 9 ft ceilings. I’d like to get more for other rooms in my house but they all have 9 ft or vaulted ceilings.

Mooie en functionele krabton

wanneer je op zoek bent naar een rustplaats voor je kat dan is deze krabton een goede keuze. Mijn 2 katten maken er veel gebruik van. Een groot voordeel van deze krabton is dat deze altijd mooi blijft. Je koopt zelf af en toe een nieuw kussentje en klaar en kees. Voor het krabben heb je alleen een simpele krabpaal nodig.

Royal Suite Light Grey
Maria Cartolano
Large scratchy post for my energetic cats

I love the sturdy strong king posts for my 2 cats they are very energetic and rough at play. Have had other scratchy posts that did not last long. Very happy with the speedy delivery and assembly was a breeze.

Replacement Piece

After 2 years of hard work with my Ragdoll brood, one of the sisal poles started to unravel. I was going to buy a new tree, but then I noticed the replacements. I am so pleased with the speedy free delivery.
Yes, I had to dismantle the whole tree nearly, but it went back together perfectly, good as new.
Thank you Cat Tree King for saving me a bundle! 💜💜💜

Tiger Beige
Jan Lepinski
Tiger cat tree.

Our Maine Coons and one shelter car absolutely LOVE this cat tree. Very heavy, but was easy to assemble. Last one we will ever need in our home. The quality is far above any others we have purchased.

Mooie krabpaal

Goede kwaliteit, mooie krabpaal. Klantenservice ook écht top!

Maine Coon Sleeper Light Grey
Grant Russian Blue Owner
Strong and sturdy though modification will benefit

My second cat tree product and it again is strong and sturdy. However, I have bought ribbed corduroy material to overlay on the plush material as my cat could not get a grip when standing on 2 hind legs and reaching up to get to toys placed on the next level. Modifications in design will make it more practicable.


Dit kattenhuis is zeer geschikt voor buiten. Zo zitten mijn katten heerlijk droog en beschut en het is groot genoeg voor mijn main coons.

Royal Suite Light Grey
Joanna Gilmer

Prince loves his new tree. Its big, sturdy and safe. Best observation point ever!

King of his castle

After two cat trees that our Maine Coon ripped to shreds we decided to bite the bullet and buy one from Cat Tree King. It’s solid and well built, even when Cam jumps up it doesn’t move. It took him all of five minutes to claim it and he loves the large comfy bed. This model is great, big enough for a big cat but still fits into a corner in our smaller home. Definitely get what you pay for, Cam’s happy and we’re happy with our purchase.

Instructions don’t match hardware but it’s easy to work out. One is lettered the other numbered. Quality is good and would want to be for the price. All in all, happy…cats love it.

Happy. Nice and solid.