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Scratching barrels by breed

At RHR Pets, we are committed to providing the perfect scratching barrel for every cat! Therefore, we have created a handy overview of the ideal scratching post for the most common cat breeds

.A scratching barrel is a must-have for indoor cats or kittens that do not have a large or sturdy scratching post, but still need a place of their own to relax and groom their nails.

The 10 most common cat breeds are Maine Coons, Birmans, British Shorthairs, Ragdolls, European Shorthairs, Egyptian Maus, Norwegian Forest Cats, Devon Rexes, Savannah Cats and Ragamuffins. We have listed the best scratching baskets for each of these cat breeds.

Is your cat's breed not listed here? No problem! Of course we have the perfect scratching barrel for your cat too! Choose "all cat scratching barrels" in the menu above to get an overview of our full range.

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