Who is the cat sitter and what exactly do they do?

Jacqueline and Babs are owners of Cat Sitters (Den Bosch & surrounding areas). Together with a team of on-call babysitters, they make sure that all hoomans can get away from their beloved friend without any worries.

They have joined forces in order to provide even more service and to always be there for their customers. This is what they stand for: always and everywhere available. Throughout the year they are available as babysitters (yes, even during holidays and vacations).

Everything is possible with Babs and Jacqueline but especially the best for the cat and that is staying at home! No stress for the animal but just in its familiar surroundings. The cat sitter offers care at home and that is what makes them so unique.

How exactly do you proceed?

As described above, the cat sitter comes to your home. They do not offer shelter at their own home but ensure that your little friend can stay at home in his or her familiar surroundings.

The cat sitter can be hired for longer vacations but also for shorter periods. Also during holidays and vacations. Everything is possible on request of the hoomans. How great is that?

An introductory meeting is scheduled at the first meeting to (of course) get to know the hoomans and the animal and talk about how and when the hoomas need care.

The cat sitter will stay with your cat for about 20 to 30 minutes per visit to feed, scoop out the litter box and give any medication.

As for the key, you may drop it off but they can also come and get it (for a small fee). Anything you feel comfortable with. That's what's so great about cat sitting!

What locations are you working in?

The cat sitter works in Den Bosch & surrounding areas. For now they have on-call babysitters in the following environments:

  • Den Bosch
  • Drunen
  • Waalwijk
  • Zaltbommel
  • Heusden

Would you also like to work as an on-call babysitter? Keep an eye on the cat sitter website and socials.

Contact details

Would you also like to be able to get away with peace of mind now and are you still looking for a cat sitter in the Den Bosch & surrounding area? These are the contact details of the cat sitter!

Whatsapp: 073 - 2340024
Website: www.kattenoppasdenbosch.nl
Mail: info@kattenoppasdenbosch.nl
Address: Adenauerlaan 86, 5252 BM Vlijmen

Babs, Jacqueline and their team of on-call babysitters are always there for you!

PS: with the discount code kattenoppas10 you get 10% discount throughout the month of April. Valid on all scratching posts and while supplies last. The discount is not valid in combination with other promotions.

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