Klaus is living his best life

Klaus is only 2 years old, and that his owners love him to the max is very obvious. In conversation with Elena, we find out that Klaus is a real character and is mega spoilt! "He is very smart, funny, and very expressive, always pulling funny and (especially) grumpy faces. The only time Klaus gets mean at us is when we change his litter box, he runs after us to bite us."

Klaus loves chilling on the balcony, watching cat videos on YouTube and bird-watching by the window. Together with Klaus, they also like to go for walks outside in the forest or fields. They always take Klaus on holidays to the mountains... which is very good for his health.

Our vet said that cats never really cure from asthma…


In 2020, Elena noticed that Klaus got tired very quickly and that he was breathing too fast. "At first we just thought it was because he is still little and loves to play so much and that he is doing well..." But as it became more frequent, Elena started to get worried, so she made an appointment at the vet to check his blood, lungs, heart and other organs because they didn't know what the problem was.

After the vet visit, he was diagnosed with cat asthma and severe allergies. Unfortunately, their vet said cats can never really cure asthma... "But we love Klaus so much, he is part of our family so we are doing everything we can to improve his life. Among other things, through homeopathic herbal medicine and by taking good care of him, that way he still has a peaceful and happy life!"

At the beginning, it was very difficult to deal with Klaus' asthma because they were still very much searching for which medicine would be best for Klaus. The diagnosis and its consequences drastically affected both Klaus' and Elena's lives. But Elena mentioned that mostly Klaus’ live, as he was still so small and had epileptic seizures every week, sometimes several times a week, which were very stressful for him. For Elena, this was terrible to watch, she quit her job at the time, because she had to take Klaus to the vet almost every day for check-ups and to make sure he was breathing properly. "I was out of work for more than six months because of this to take care of Klaus at home and further study asthma in cats."

Klaus changed our lives for the better!

Meanwhile, Elena and her husband have completely changed their own lifestyle, avoiding certain things that are not good for Klaus' health. But also things that are not good for their own health! "Because of Klaus, my husband finally quit smoking after many years, a very big and difficult step for him, but the best choice for everyone. And I became more responsible - doing and learning things, I became braver - I was always afraid of cars and driving, but I overcame that fear by having to take Klaus to the vet so often for treatments and check-ups."

Elena’s advice to anyone who has a cat with the same health problems is to make an appointment at the vet first! Not every cat has the same symptoms, so it is better to have it checked by a professional vet just to be sure. If it does turn out to be asthma, Elena is happy to share her tips which will make it more tolerable for the cat;

  • Make sure the room is
  • Use anti-allergic detergents
    for clothes and bedding etc.
  • You can buy an air purifier
    that purifies the air in the house
  • Ensure your cat experiences as
    little stress as possible 🤍
  • Get advice from the vet for the
    correct medication
  • Do not use scented candles or
    other strong perfumes in the house
  • Make sure the house is
    dust-free and air it several times a day
  • Get advice from the vet whether
    the cat needs a special diet

In addition to the above tips, Elena makes sure Klaus has a quiet place somewhere in the house. Since Klaus likes to sleep in the living room, she has put his scratching post there. During the summer months, they often move it to the balcony so he can enjoy being outside and watch the birds.

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