Dierenopvang Hart van Brabant provides shelter and (re)placement of (stray) dogs and cats. They also drive the animal ambulance seven days a week to pick up injured animals and animals in need.

Dogs and cats are taken in at the animal shelter and kittens go to foster homes to socialize and then find a new owner. Animals other than dogs and cats we place at specialized shelters.
Let's introduce! Who exactly are you and what do you do?

Dierenopvang Hart van Brabant is responsible for the care of stray animals in the region and surroundings of Tilburg.

We have the (stray) animals in custody for 14 days until the owner comes to pick up the animal again. We make sure that in the first 14 days a veterinarian checks the animal, deworms, fleas, vaccinates and performs a general examination. Should the animal not be picked up by the owner any other treatments will be scheduled after 14 days such as:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Spaying or neutering

If the animal needs immediate treatment then of course this will be started immediately. After these 14 days the animal comes out of quarantine and is transferred to another residence where the animal is then also made available for adoption.

For dogs, a behavioral test is conducted by the behaviorist to determine how best to rehome the dog.

How many animals do you take in on average? More cats or more dogs?

This varies greatly. In general, you can assume that more animals are taken in during the summer period.

In the summer many people are outside and we are approached more often for animals that are running loose.

We take in more cats than dogs.

More animals are taken in during the summer period. They are more often cats than dogs

What kind of situation do you find the animals in? What is their condition then?

These are really very different situations. They are
mainly animals found on the street, stray dogs, stray cats or dumped animals.

Of course, we can never say for sure why we might find these animals on the streets. Often these animals are sick, weak or have overall poor health.

With this poor health, we must work to make the animal placeable again.

Often the animals we find are sick, weak or have overall poor health

Now time for some pawsitivity! How many animals are adopted after shelter?

Very occasionally, in the worst cases, due to medical causes or behavioral problems, we have to make a choice to put the animal to sleep. These animals are no longer placeable.

Almost always all animals are adopted. This is very nice for us but above all the animals!

Would you like to adopt a cat or dog and give them a new home?
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