20 unusual facts about cats

20 unusual facts about cats

Every other week a fun blog comes online with interviews, fun stories, unusual stories, explanations of cat diseases, informative, a little bit of everything.This time...

What to do about hairballs?

What to do about hairballs?

This week, with Emma's help, we present you with a blog that is a bit more informative than the regular blog! Hairballs, which cat owner...

Cat disease FVR

Cat disease FVR

We all purchase a pet because we like them so much. Once in the house you quickly fall in love with your four-legged friend and...


Travelling with your cats: Chelsea does!

Every week, we search for interesting stories of cats and their owners. This week, we spoke to Chelsea from Vancouver Island, Canada. This happy family...


My master is a photographer!

Every week, we search for interesting stories of cats and their owners. This time, we chatted with Chris from Windsor, in Southeast England. Wolfie, who...


Partner in crime

This week, we chatted to Michelle and her boyfriend, Levi, in the Netherlands. Michelle always dreamt of having a Maine Coon, but it never materialised. Until her...

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